Sunday, November 27, 2016

"It's Flavorific!" and "Comics For Tomorrow Today!" updates

"Mr" from Library Music Themes has identified one of the most sought out tracks for these episodes. This one was originally known as the theme to Giulio Paradisi's 1979 sci-fi flick, "Stridulum" (aka "The Visitor"), which was composed by Franco Micalizzi. The name was changed to "Space Adventure" when it was eventually added to BMG Zomba's "Score Music Series" library, one of the music labels for Killer Tracks.

A big thanks for that find!

Friday, September 16, 2016

"KaFun!" update

Found the remaining track for this episode: "Rock 1" by Jan Cyrka. Episode breakdown complete!

Monday, June 13, 2016

"Comics of Champions" update

MAKEBELIEVE identified the remaining unknown track for this episode: "A Romantic Fantasy 29" by Johnny Pearson.

Thanks! Episode breakdown complete!

Friday, June 3, 2016

"Life With Loopy Birthday Gala-Bration" update

MAKEBELIEVE identified "Midnight in Manhattan" by Johnny Pearson playing in this special.

Thanks! TV special breakdown complete!

Wednesday, June 1, 2016

"All-Purpose KaBlam!" update

Roman found the remaining track for this episode: "Sand Dance" by John Leach and George Fenton, which is played slightly faster during June's dance.

Thanks! Now the episode breakdown is complete!

Thursday, May 26, 2016

Unknown Tracks

Hey, KaBlam-a-grams! There's not a lot of unknown tracks left to identify for this blog, which means that it's almost finished. In order to complete the other episode breakdowns, use this key for the APM search engine to scout out whatever tracks you can find by album ID and release date:

KPM ID: 1 - 400
Carlin ID: 101 - 300
Sonoton (SCD) ID: 1 - 350
Bruton (BR) ID: 1 - 300
Selected Sound (SEL) ID: 2001 - 5265

With that said, stay where you are! Here's all the remaining tracks we have left so far:

4. Comics For Tomorrow Today 4 - APM track or sound effect?

11. Just Chillin' - APM track or sound effect?

12. Money Train 2 - Possibly from a sound effects library.

16. Your Real Best Friend - APM track or sound effect?

The Henry and June Show

-Bye, Bye, Baby [original music by the Moon Ska Stompers] (intro)
-Metropolis - Jack Brown (opening)
-Bright Spark - Laurence Schuberth (Henry gets a new car)
-The Lineman - Sam Spence (June wrestles with Henry)
-Around About Here (A) - Judith Cann (weather man reporting)
-The Lineman - Sam Spence (Henry and June still wrestling)
-Panther Prowl - David Farnon (Mr. Foot decides to drive Henry's new car)
-? (show begins)
-? (Henry and June introduced by Jimmy McGee)
-Star Prizes (a) - Tony Kinsey (June introduces the Olson twins)
-Off to Play - David Snell (hamster revealed)
-Star Prizes (a) - Tony Kinsey (Henry and June getting concerned)
-Roll with the Changes - REO Speedwagon (plays while Mr. Foot drives in Henry's new car)
-Star Prizes (a) - Tony Kinsey (show continues)
-Evening News [#1.07] - Brian Bennett (special news bulletin)
-Roll with the Changes - REO Speedwagon (Mr. Foot takes a short cut to the studio)
-Star Prizes (a) - Tony Kinsey ("Okay, it looks like we're back!")
-Coffee Bar - Peter Yorke (Henry walks up to June's door the next day)
-? (fans call out to them)
-Country Friends - Richard Gilks ("Hey, chuckle-head! Put some pants on!")
-Dramatic Cue (a) - Ronald Hanmer (June angrily does a somersault)
-Soul Brothers - Jean-Pierre Fabian (Henry walks into the classroom)
-Film Fanfare (a) - Dick Walter (Henry and June approach a performing arts school called "HITS")
-[original music by Stanley Schwartz, Robert Mittenthal, and Michael Rubiner] (students welcome Henry and June)
-? (dance practice)
-Shape Your Body 2 - Grant Ransom, Patrick Wilson (at the fitness center)
-Low Life Street Blues - Stefan Grossman, Paul Jones (June walks to the cafeteria)
-Etude for String Quartet 2 - Alec Gould (inside the cafeteria)
-[original music by Stanley Schwartz, Robert Mittenthal, and Michael Rubiner] (everyone breaks into song)
-? (ending)
-Roll with the Changes - REO Speedwagon (credits)